Cotton+Steel- A new fabric company

Cotton+Steel from Gregory Miller Pictures on Vimeo.

Finally getting around to posting this after Quilt Market and Holiday craziness!  So, in my last post I talked about a new direction in my fabric design path.  Melody Miller approached me to be a part of the most inspiring new company, Cotton+Steel.  In a nutshell, five designers teamed up with RJR Fabrics to create a new division.  The best part is that we collaborate on the whole line.  We each have our own collection, and they also all work together.  Our first collection comes out in Spring 2014.  Below is the documentary on how we came to be!  So honored to be working with Melody MillerRashida Coleman-HaleAlexia Marcelle Abegg and Kim Kight.  Such and inspiring team, and I can't wait to see where C+S takes us.  Many many thanks to RJR for taking us on this adventure:D:D Follow us on Instagram 

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  1. gina delgado9:11 AM

    omg. new here, but I came across ur crown jewel. luv ur collab.; right on time. I know ur gonna knock it out of the park; trendsetting, to say the least.

    so happy 4 u all n RJR. hope 2 c ur efforts, soon-can hardly wait. cotton & steel, <3.

    best, best wishes 4 u all-