Surtex 2013-my booth! AHHH

I finally had the chance to pull together the blog post for Surtex this year.  Like last year, the aftermath drains the hell out of you.  Lots of follow up.  FOLLER' UP YO.  I always feel the pressure to rethink my whole career from getting so inspired, haha.  Enough of that though.  Here is my booth!

I am so lucky to have my husband put this video together of my process in arranging the booth.  His brother, Andrew, created the music.  He plays and records each instrument separately and sings, then blends it all together.  A real one man band.  :D

Surtex 2013 from sarah watts on Vimeo.
Video by Scott Cormack music by Andrew Cormack. The slightly blurry photos I took, Scott must come next year, haha.

Surtex is a big ordeal for me, with bringing my gypsie wagon up and all, but definitely worth it.  It's all about tetris-ing everything into small boxes.  TETRIS.

I plan it all out in my studio first, so that the show prep runs very smoothly.  I find it important for me to create an organized chaos in my booth.  It is much how I think and how my artwork is.  Part of me wants to design windows and spaces for another career.  Maybe one day.  Aaaanyway, it was a great year at Surtex.  I am so happy I got to meet everyone that I did.  I will make another post about more Surtex fun later!


  1. Nice work Sarah! I hope to meet you at the show next year!

  2. Anonymous12:49 PM

    So so talented!!! You were born to do this...and be wild :) love you cutestuff! - Sterf <3

  3. Love the video! Great music!

  4. Your booth was seriously my favorite Sarah!!! LOVE!!

  5. Wish I'd seen in person. Great video piece and you create beautiful unique work!!