Japan trip post 1-My Sketchbook

In January I went to Japan with Scott for 10 days.  We went to visit our best friend Mike, who is stationed there in the Navy.  Before he got stationed back in the states, we wanted to go visit him in Japan.  We spent all of our time in Tokyo and Yokohama, also visiting Yokosuka and Kamakura.  Here is the first post-highlights from my sketchbook on the trip.  In a nutshell, Japan is kind, expressive, and practical.  I really loved it there.  Tokyo is friggin HUGE and all the food is amazing.

When you buy something, they tape your bag together with a little decorated tape so the stuff doesn't fall out.  So many kind little gestures that I really appreciated while I was there. 

This one is from sitting at the Buddha statue in Kamakura.  There were hawks flying around and the clouds were coming in.  It was breezy and peaceful.

The fashion was amazing.  And no one's shoes were worn out in Tokyo. Cute icons everywhere, and a lot of expression. Oh, lot's of fur accents.
Left: Imerial Palace grounds were amazing.  The front garden was just tons of Bonzai trees. 

The train was rarely this empty.  We were coming back from a late night in Shibuya.  The train gets so crowded that you can't move, literally.  It's just a giant amoeba of people.
This statue in Kamakura was giant, where you can go inside and walk around.  While Scott did a time lapse of it I sat and drew for a bit. 
I wrote in the page that everyone wakes up at exactly their stop.  This is so amazing.  They would be sound asleep and just emerge to walk off the train.  I guess that's what happens when you get familiar with the ride.
Mount Fuji in the distance.  Can't wait to go back and climb it.
Everyone participated in the Disney ness here.  Hats, polkadots, it was awesome.


  1. Damn girl these are gorgeous.

  2. Your sketchbook s amazing. You tell great stories.