Full photos from interview with SCC Magazine!

Hi there!  
Oh man, so I recently had an interview with SCC magazine about my latest fabric collection, Timber and Leaf!  It was so much fun, and I wanted to share the full size photos that we sent.  My husband, Scott Cormack, did the photography.  He rocked it.  So much work went into this shoot, but fun work, of course.  The kind that stresses you out worse because you love it so much and feel the passion, haha.  I went thrifting and made a bunch of stuff with the fabric, and also hired out two of the projects.  Thank you to Shannon Miller from SCC and to everyone who helped me with the shoot!  Scroll to read more...
This photo was a happy accident.  At the end of the shoot I was goofing off and Scott snapped this shot.
A collection of goods on the bird flora pattern, all from my house.  I am a collector, not a hoarder;) Haha.
I hired Claire Addison to construct this quilt.  I am so happy with it.  Then I drew tree rings with a disappearing pen and she quilted the top over them.  I am very happy how it turned out and it will stay with me for a long time.
Really had fun with this.  I framed the gerbera fabric, mounted a deer skull from my house, and stuffed goods.  My friend Angela gave me the frame a while back. It's from an old abandoned home in Ohio.
Bought this end table from a junk store, sanded it down and repainted it. Replaced  tacky artwork on the white frames with the fawn in birch and tree ring designs.  This was taken upstairs in the building my studio is in.
Made the skirt from the tree ring print and bought the fawn in birch little clutch from PaisleyPear Designs on Etsy.
Sarah Lodato, of Atlanta Institute of Stitches and Crafts, sewed this awesome little Japanese inspired bag.
Vintage armoir, I tore out the existing fabric and added the brush bear pattern from Timber and Leaf.  That Reisman pretzel can at the top is one of my favorite things that I own. 
I bought this spice rack from a estate sale.  I replace the panel in the center with the playful fox pattern. Wallpaper with the pine stickers print. 
Just some sewing gadgets.
Me in the studio. Jamminnn' This is the area in our studio that Sarah and I share for sewing and cutting.
Fabric leaves I made from the bear in birch print! These were fun to make.  I had to do a bit of trial and error before I figured out the right potion to get them to sit snug on the stems while still looking very natural.
And that's a wrap!  i hope you enjoyed.  I can't wait to do this again.


  1. I am loving every photo, so beautiful, what a perfect representation of this collection and your style. Go Sarah!

  2. Congrats, Sarah! Your star is rising, chica! My favorite pattern is the fox. Brilliant idea to sew tree rings on the quilt.