Timber and Leaf teaser

Here is a little teaser of my fabric collection named Timber&Leaf that will be coming out Spring 2012 through Blend Fabrics, a new company launching this fall by Anna Griffin.  My next collection I think is going to be a creepy one.  But one step at a time Sarah, haha.  Anyway, in October we will be making a grand appearance at the International Quilt Market.  Quilting is a division of sewing that I have not tried yet.  It just might be my winter hobby this year.  Last year and the year before it was knitting.  Knitting to metal music and drinking peppermint coffee.  That's how I roll, and will continue that until I'm elderly.

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  1. Eryn aka madam.vader6:29 PM

    I need this fabric. Sounds like we roll the same. What's your take on argyle? If it's a "yay", we may have been separated at birth.