LaBamba-fashion project with Form&Fiction

I was commissioned by Howard Cao from Form&Fiction to do this super cool project.  I was asked to illustrate an environment for these photographed garments.  It was so much fun!  Thanks so much Form & Fiction.  And congrats to the others I collabed with!!  Clothing by Lara Ritch @ La Bomba. Styling by Nissa Quanstrom.


Map Illustration-Macmillian

Just wanted to make a pit stop and share the map illustration that I illustrated for Macmillian Publishing.  This will go in the book The Summer Invitation by Charlotte Silver.

I had such a blast with this, I just love doing lettering and maps.  What a challenge to draw NYC and add all the details that are mostly in certain sections.  Why must they have so many streets?  Haha. Enjoy!  Thanks to Roberta Pressel for being such an awesome art director:)

I have a bunch of stuff that I have been meaning to post.   That will come soon!


Cotton+Steel- A new fabric company

Cotton+Steel from Gregory Miller Pictures on Vimeo.

Finally getting around to posting this after Quilt Market and Holiday craziness!  So, in my last post I talked about a new direction in my fabric design path.  Melody Miller approached me to be a part of the most inspiring new company, Cotton+Steel.  In a nutshell, five designers teamed up with RJR Fabrics to create a new division.  The best part is that we collaborate on the whole line.  We each have our own collection, and they also all work together.  Our first collection comes out in Spring 2014.  Below is the documentary on how we came to be!  So honored to be working with Melody MillerRashida Coleman-HaleAlexia Marcelle Abegg and Kim Kight.  Such and inspiring team, and I can't wait to see where C+S takes us.  Many many thanks to RJR for taking us on this adventure:D:D Follow us on Instagram 


changes in my fabric design path

Hi there everyone!  

I hope you are having a great Halloween month!  Quilt Market is just a few days away and I wanted to share some news with you.   

It makes me sad to say that I will no longer be designing fabric for Blend. This wasn't a personal decision at all; I really love the folks at Blend. I had an opportunity present itself that I just couldn't refuse.  

I had a great time working with Blend.  I met some wonderful people and am so grateful for the opportunity to enter the fabric design world.  Timber and Leaf is a collection that is dear to me.  So, I want to thank Blend for my time with them, and my first time at Quilt Market.   :)

Until then, stay tuned...


Ghastly! New work

I added a new "Ghastly" section to my website in the Illustration section.  This will act as a filter for those of you that  dig my creepier artwork.  ;)  Below are a few new pieces to celebrate the haunted season.  I lurve Halloween:D:D
For the Red Fox Literary Halloween promo.
For one of my Best buds, Jane Radstrom.  She had some us us illustrate love quotes for her reception wall.  How cool!  She gave me the haunting quote of course. 
A sneak of some of the new Halloween art I have available for license.  Just drop me an email for the password.


Halloween Magnets!

Just a quick update to share the magnet designs that I licensed to Ipop!  You can purchase them here at Parkside Papers! 

Cheers to the best time of year.  I hope to share some more creepy imagery over he next month:D  In the mean time,you can follow me on Instagram for my most updated online jazz.


Southern Creatives Meet

You should come to this if you are in the Atlanta area!  It will be so much fun!


New Art Prints for Scoutmob

I am back on Scoutmob selling prints!  I made 5 new pieces of art to sell along with the old ones.  They also did a cool interview with me here.  I love working with these guys, they have my back.

Another quote from my Grandma:)  The cool thing about this print is that Scoot took the Milky Way photo in the background!

Loves Moonshine.

Baton Bob is an Atlanta icon.  He dances in fancy costumes with a Baton around the city and makes people very happy!

Um, yeah, pretty much love southern food.

Quote from my grandma.


Surtex 2013-my booth! AHHH

I finally had the chance to pull together the blog post for Surtex this year.  Like last year, the aftermath drains the hell out of you.  Lots of follow up.  FOLLER' UP YO.  I always feel the pressure to rethink my whole career from getting so inspired, haha.  Enough of that though.  Here is my booth!

I am so lucky to have my husband put this video together of my process in arranging the booth.  His brother, Andrew, created the music.  He plays and records each instrument separately and sings, then blends it all together.  A real one man band.  :D

Surtex 2013 from sarah watts on Vimeo.
Video by Scott Cormack music by Andrew Cormack. The slightly blurry photos I took, Scott must come next year, haha.

Surtex is a big ordeal for me, with bringing my gypsie wagon up and all, but definitely worth it.  It's all about tetris-ing everything into small boxes.  TETRIS.

I plan it all out in my studio first, so that the show prep runs very smoothly.  I find it important for me to create an organized chaos in my booth.  It is much how I think and how my artwork is.  Part of me wants to design windows and spaces for another career.  Maybe one day.  Aaaanyway, it was a great year at Surtex.  I am so happy I got to meet everyone that I did.  I will make another post about more Surtex fun later!


Summer ICE and surtex

I will be posting about Surtex soon!!  In a tiny nutshell it was epic.  Like shirtless warriors epic.  But in the meantime, I wanted to share that this weekend I will have a booth at the Summer ICE Festival, selling prints! Booth #71 I have 5 new prints that I added to the collection as well.




Surtex 2013 // booth #363 

Javits Center, NYC // May 19-21.  

Come see my new collections!  New themes include: ocean, safari, Japan, bugs, winter, woodland and Halloween.  Over 150 hand-drawn pen and ink patterns to peruse.  Mix and match for unique collections.  Licensing and custom art licensing only.

I will be at Surtex again this year!  I am leaving this Friday to head up to NYC.  I am so pumped.  You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates.  @wattsalot 
It's May 19-21.  I'm in a corner booth, #363.  I am taking appointments by email, or you can just drop in and see the work!  If you would like an appointment, just send me a line to wattsalot@me.com.  

I specialize in hand crafted pen and ink illustrations, made for products with love.


SCAD forum

I'm excited to announce that I will be doing a lecture and workshop this weekend at SCAD Atlanta, along with the uber talented Bill Mayer and Victo Ngai for their Illustration Weekend forum.  I will share photos via Instagram.  My handle is @wattsalot if you would like to follow.  Thank you kindly to Rick Lovell for inviting me.  Should be shaaawesome!


Japan trip post 1-My Sketchbook

In January I went to Japan with Scott for 10 days.  We went to visit our best friend Mike, who is stationed there in the Navy.  Before he got stationed back in the states, we wanted to go visit him in Japan.  We spent all of our time in Tokyo and Yokohama, also visiting Yokosuka and Kamakura.  Here is the first post-highlights from my sketchbook on the trip.  In a nutshell, Japan is kind, expressive, and practical.  I really loved it there.  Tokyo is friggin HUGE and all the food is amazing.

When you buy something, they tape your bag together with a little decorated tape so the stuff doesn't fall out.  So many kind little gestures that I really appreciated while I was there. 

This one is from sitting at the Buddha statue in Kamakura.  There were hawks flying around and the clouds were coming in.  It was breezy and peaceful.

The fashion was amazing.  And no one's shoes were worn out in Tokyo. Cute icons everywhere, and a lot of expression. Oh, lot's of fur accents.
Left: Imerial Palace grounds were amazing.  The front garden was just tons of Bonzai trees. 

The train was rarely this empty.  We were coming back from a late night in Shibuya.  The train gets so crowded that you can't move, literally.  It's just a giant amoeba of people.
This statue in Kamakura was giant, where you can go inside and walk around.  While Scott did a time lapse of it I sat and drew for a bit. 
I wrote in the page that everyone wakes up at exactly their stop.  This is so amazing.  They would be sound asleep and just emerge to walk off the train.  I guess that's what happens when you get familiar with the ride.
Mount Fuji in the distance.  Can't wait to go back and climb it.
Everyone participated in the Disney ness here.  Hats, polkadots, it was awesome.


Full photos from interview with SCC Magazine!

Hi there!  
Oh man, so I recently had an interview with SCC magazine about my latest fabric collection, Timber and Leaf!  It was so much fun, and I wanted to share the full size photos that we sent.  My husband, Scott Cormack, did the photography.  He rocked it.  So much work went into this shoot, but fun work, of course.  The kind that stresses you out worse because you love it so much and feel the passion, haha.  I went thrifting and made a bunch of stuff with the fabric, and also hired out two of the projects.  Thank you to Shannon Miller from SCC and to everyone who helped me with the shoot!  Scroll to read more...
This photo was a happy accident.  At the end of the shoot I was goofing off and Scott snapped this shot.
A collection of goods on the bird flora pattern, all from my house.  I am a collector, not a hoarder;) Haha.
I hired Claire Addison to construct this quilt.  I am so happy with it.  Then I drew tree rings with a disappearing pen and she quilted the top over them.  I am very happy how it turned out and it will stay with me for a long time.
Really had fun with this.  I framed the gerbera fabric, mounted a deer skull from my house, and stuffed goods.  My friend Angela gave me the frame a while back. It's from an old abandoned home in Ohio.
Bought this end table from a junk store, sanded it down and repainted it. Replaced  tacky artwork on the white frames with the fawn in birch and tree ring designs.  This was taken upstairs in the building my studio is in.
Made the skirt from the tree ring print and bought the fawn in birch little clutch from PaisleyPear Designs on Etsy.
Sarah Lodato, of Atlanta Institute of Stitches and Crafts, sewed this awesome little Japanese inspired bag.
Vintage armoir, I tore out the existing fabric and added the brush bear pattern from Timber and Leaf.  That Reisman pretzel can at the top is one of my favorite things that I own. 
I bought this spice rack from a estate sale.  I replace the panel in the center with the playful fox pattern. Wallpaper with the pine stickers print. 
Just some sewing gadgets.
Me in the studio. Jamminnn' This is the area in our studio that Sarah and I share for sewing and cutting.
Fabric leaves I made from the bear in birch print! These were fun to make.  I had to do a bit of trial and error before I figured out the right potion to get them to sit snug on the stems while still looking very natural.
And that's a wrap!  i hope you enjoyed.  I can't wait to do this again.